Collection: Mouse

Mouse, Mice or is it mices or meeces or mooses... no mooses is not right.  They are clicky scrolly things on your desk. Like crickets or Cicadas (actually no they whistle).

Seal Shield Mice are specialised washable and waterproof and purposefully designed to eliminate the vulnerability of cross-contamina  on that high-touch surfaces pose in all healthcare, and other customer-facing environments.
• Seal Shield is the leading developer of medical-grade mice that are Washable, Waterproof, and Spill Proof, the most cri  cal components for effec  ve medical mice.
• Seal Shield mice are not only waterproof, but compa  ble with most all hospital cleaners and disinfectants.
• A sleek and fully sealed design allows for the elimina  on of pathogens and contaminates throughout regular and vigorous cleaning without damage to the product.

Azio Mice stays true to the minimalist philosophy in order to accentuate its ambidextrous design. With its modern features and ability to work on virtually any surface.